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Instruction for “Collaborations”

1. If you do not want to participate in this performance, please go up to the first floor. (Proceed to step #2 once they made their decisions.)
2. Please take off your shoes, and choose a pair of clogs. Men’s are on the left side of the room and women’s are on the right. (After they changed, proceed to step #3)
3. Men take one step closer to the canvas area, and women wait behind.
Men who are heterosexuals, ink up your clogs, and walk on the left green square canvas.
For the men who are not heterosexual, ink up your clogs, and walk on the right green square canvas.
* Be creative on how you walk.
(After they finish about 1 round, you can move to step #4)
4. For all men, foreign men please leave the canvas area for now.
(After they leave, you can move to the #5)
5. American male and Caucasian male, ink up your clogs and step in the middle blue square canvas. Stand where you are and don’t move. Be creative and strike a pose.
(After they stand still, you count from 1-120, then continue to step #6)
6. Everyone leave the canvas area, and helpers remove the canvas with prints.
7. All men and women ink up their clogs. Americans, English speakers and Caucasians please walk on the canvas. For whoever not fit any of the above, please stay where you are.
*You can be creative to walk your best path.
(After they finish about a round, you can move to step #8)
8. This performance will be finished till after the last comment.